Setting up marketing campaigns takes a lot of time. What if we say that now you can do it many times faster? With Pushwoosh new pre-built Templates, you can set automated yet personalized messages in minutes. There's just one thing missing — you.

What are Pushwoosh Marketing Automation Templates?

Get a first glimpse of the templates in the video:

Pushwoosh templates are pre-built automated event-based workflows designed to help you achieve your specific goals. They are based on two most effective communication channels in mobile marketing: push notifications and in-app messages. Find them in your Customer Journey Builder interface to grow your metrics at every stage of your sales funnel:

Onboarding → Activation → Conversion → Upsale → Retention

There are 6  templates currently available in Pushwoosh. They were created based on customer feedback and address common needs that mobile app marketers and developers face every day:

  • Add to cart - convert users that abandoned their shopping carts;
  • Increase In-app Purchases - encourage first conversions and build lasting relationships;
  • NPS surveys - get feedback from your mobile users and measure their loyalty with interactive in-app messages;
  • Feature Adoption - drive features adoption at any stage of your users' lifecycle and introduce new ones;
  • Holiday Campaign Discount - increase your seasonal sales with automated cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Use these best practices templates to message your users automatically based on their behavior or movement to a specific segment. It will help you build stronger connections with your audience and grow your business.

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How to use Pushwoosh Automated Templates

The Templates are fully customizable, so you can edit, change, and match the messages' sequence with your specific goals. There are main components used in the templates:

  1. Push messages;
  2. In-app messages;
  3. Emails;
  4. Segment - trigger different user segments and get them automatically renewed based on actions taken.
  5. Segment spliter - split your audience into segments and delivering different types of content for each one.
  6. Events - record data about users steps and send personalized messages based on their behaviour.
  7. Wait for event - give users time to perform expected action in the app.
  8. Delays - helps not to spam users with messages.

Let's imagine you want to create an NPS survey. The events, segments, and flow have already been chosen. To start faster, open our pre-built NPS survey template and adjust it to your needs.

With this automation workflow, you can:

▪︎ learn who your happy customers are;
▪︎ find problems and growth opportunities for your product;
▪︎ increase customer engagement;
▪︎ get testimonials for your product page.

Here's how this automation flow works:

1. Create a segment of users you want to take part in the NPS survey;
2. Wait until they open your application;
3. Wait until they open a particular screen to make sure you don't interrupt them with your survey;
4. Ask users if they'd like to take part in your survey and offer them benefits;
5. Send an In-App with a survey.

That's it!

Now you can track the survey's results in the Events section. If you use our NPS In-App message template, keep in mind that the code that posts the "NPS Score"event with the "rating raw"and "rating bucketed" attributes to Pushwoosh has been already created, so you don't need to create it by yourself.

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