Increase conversion rates and CTR with Pushwoosh Message Inbox

Keeping users informed and engaged is unquestionably a vital business goal. When it comes to communicating with your audience, push notifications and In-Apps offer great possibilities. However, they both lack a certain useful property: having once read a message, users cannot go back to it later. It negatively affects conversion rates, since sometimes customers simply forget about special offers you've announced.

Pushwoosh offers a way to fix this flaw outright. Message Inbox gives users a way to return to your messages whenever they prefer. Simply save the messages you send and keep them in the app while they're up-to-date.

Moreover, Message Inbox helps to draw customers' attention to your messages. Users will see the promotions you save to Inbox even if they've disabled push notifications' alerts. Thus, yet another boost to conversion rates!

Improve user experience and increase the CTR and revenue with Pushwoosh Message Inbox!