Besides other beautiful improvements, new Apple’s OS X Mavericks comes with the new Safari browser, which brings the push notification technology into the infinite market of websites. Now all your users who run Mavericks and surf web with Safari can receive notifications directly from your website. And they work regardless of whether Safari is open or not – a user will be notified with the alert or banner, exactly as OS X notifications.

Apple is as elegant as always: there’s nothing extra in website push notifications but the website icon, title, the message itself, and two buttons. Clicking the button a user is transferred to the URL you pass along with the notification.

The integration is very simple – just register your website with Apple, configure it with Pushwoosh, and add a simple JavaScript to your webpage. You don’t have to bother with manifests, website JSONs, iconsets, etc., we take care of all that stuff.

We believe that this brand new communication channel will extend your marketing opportunities and boost your web presence significantly.

**Note:** Safari Website push notifications work only on the latest Safari which goes with the OS X Mavericks.