iOS 9 has officially arrived, and we are more than thrilled to welcome its new fascinating features. Our personal favorite is Picture-in-Picture breakthrough for iPads all over the world! A rerun of the last season of The Big Bang Theory is being played on top of this blog post right now, and yes, we do love geeky stuff here.

As the last one-digit iOS takes over millions of devices overnight (along with Apple download servers), we would like to step up and confirm that Pushwoosh SDK is ready and compatible with its newest version. We are happy to hear your feedback, especially for the new Sort Order parameter. For those few who have not read one of the dozens of articles on the release, here’s a tip:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Notifications.
  3. Select Sort Order.
    Voilà, no more digging through an endless list for the push that you’ve just missed.

Rumor has it, the new iOS will also improve your battery life – well, who does not enjoy a good old science fiction piece!