Users who opt in for notifications are four times more engaged with apps and are twice as likely to be retained than opted-out users. That's why getting your users to opt in is so important. However, it can be quite tricky. Here are some tips on getting more subscribers.

Push notifications are great for boosting engagement and retention. However, in order to start sending notifications to your users, you need to get their permission first (they need to subscribe or opt in). Opt-In Rate refers to the percentage of site/app visitors who subscribe to push notifications.

Push notification opt-in rate formula

Increasing opt-in rate is one of the primary goals for all marketers, because it means more users will get your messages. You'll be able to engage them, increase conversions, sales and company's revenue. To understand how you can make more users subscribe to push notifications, it's important to consider the following:

Why do users opt-in for push notifications?

Users subscribe to your messages when they understand their value. It means that the first thing you need to do is explain what kind of push notifications you’re going to send and how valuable they are. You can talk about that in your opt-in message:

Push notification opt-in prompts

Such messages work much better than the ones that simply ask for a user's permission, without any additional context. By showing the subscription pop-up without any context we are hoping that user will trust us enough to subscribe. But why should they trust an app they just installed? It's really important to make your intentions clear, explain the value of your notifications, let your users know you're not going to spam them. This way, they will most likely subscribe.

Pushwoosh allows customized in-app messaging that will speak to your audience on a personal level.

Besides, if you need to increase opt-in rate quickly and without involving your developers at all, you can use our out-of-the-box In-App solutions with one click.

Create a push notification opt-in prompt with Pushwoosh

When should you ask users to subscribe?

It's also important to choose when to send the permission request. Asking at the wrong time, or presenting the opt-in question before users see value in the app leads to poor rates.

Set certain event criteria before launching permission requests. Emphasising exactly how push notifications will contribute and enhance the user experience based on their unique actions is more likely to make your users opt-in.

Example: your user has viewed a certain item in your store 2 times. Launch a permission request and talk about how push notifications will update them on all discounts and special offers that apply to the item. It's highly likely they'll get interested.

Push notification opt-in prompt in an in-app message

Pushwoosh allows creating custom events that will trigger the delivery of certain messages to your users. It's a smart way to personalize your communications and make them much more effective. Behavior-based marketing allows reaching your goals way faster.

Maintain the relationship

Once users have agreed to receive push notifications, keep the content relevant and personalized. While opting in is great for your app/site, bad notification practices can easily drive users away from your app completely.

Getting users to opt in for push notifications will always be a tricky process. However, there are ways to be more convincing. Pushwoosh has some effective solutions that will make this process easier and faster.

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