Pushwoosh Geozones allow delivering relevant, well-timed location-based push notifications to your audience. Set up virtual boundaries around a specific location (pin on map) to trigger message delivery as soon as someone enters the target zone. Geofencing makes your communications way more engaging!

Why use geo-targeted push notifications?

Whether it is about delivering a personalized message to people near your retail store or a discount offer to those who have just visited your competitors, location-based marketing can be extremely effective when you need to engage potential customers via a targeted campaign.

Some undeniable advantages of geo-based messaging are:

  • Higher efficiency: based on a user's location, such messages are highly personal and relevant, which drastically improves their efficiency. The impact that your communications create on the buyers increases significantly.
  • ROI: because geofencing enables you to send offers to people who are near your store, you can easily analyze the response and effectiveness of your campaign. This way, you can optimize marketing efforts for better ROI.
  • Engagement: сonsumers are more likely to engage with your brand if you provide them with relevant offers at the right time, in the right place. This ensures better engagement.

How businesses use geo-targeted push notifications

Geo-targeted messaging is great for stores, shops, restaurants, and other places that need to get the attention of those who pass by. For instance, you can create a Geozone for your cafe, so that each time a user passes it by, they will receive a notification about special offers on breakfast of the day in your cafe.

How does Pushwoosh handle users’ geolocation data?

Allow location tracking

By default, Pushwoosh has no access to a user’s geolocation data. Pushwoosh can only track such data under two conditions:

  1. The developer of an app that has the Pushwoosh SDK installed allows geolocation tracking by implementing Pushwoosh Geozones feature and declaring permissions usage in the AndroidManifest.xml/info.plist configuration files.
  2. The user gives explicit permission for the app to access their geolocation.

Pushwoosh uses provided geolocation data only to deliver relevant marketing offers to the app’s users and doesn’t share this data with third parties.

Case #1: Driving revenue with timely geo-targeted push notifications

One of the Pushwoosh customers, Telepizza — a major pizza restaurant chain worldwide — uses Geozones to notify its app users about discounts and special offers at the closest restaurants.

Example of a geo-targeted push notification from Telepizza
Example of a geo-targeted push notification from Telepizza

Customizable push notifications for different geozones allow Telepizza to inform its customers about local special offers at high-impact moments. As soon as a customer enters a certain geozone (usually 300-500 meters away from a restaurant), they get a push notification about a special offer (for example: «Pizza of the week for a special price»). It's a combination of the perfect time and the perfect place that gives high CTR and drives sales!

Broadcast push notifications about special offers also increase the company’s revenue significantly. More than 850 000 Telepizza app users are subscribed to pushes. Such notifications usually have 0.8% CTR and 4–7% conversion rate, which means that one notification brings Telepizza 300–450 orders ($2400–$3600, considering the minimum order value = $8).

Case #2: Boosting customer engagement with geo-targeted push notifications

Another Pushwoosh customer, Avianca — a Latin-American air carrier with a fleet of over 200 planes — uses Geozones to automate its loyalty program and make it more engaging.

Geo-based automation allows reminding frequent flyers to spend their reward miles on trips, purchases from Avianca partners, retailers, gas stations, hotels and banks, strengthening their loyalty even further. When LifeMiles members are shopping with one of the company’s Commercial Partners, they receive messages about how they can earn miles with their current purchase or spend miles on the partner’s products and services.

Geo-targeted push notifications encourage customers to actively spend their earned LifeMiles, which increases Avianca's and its partners' sales and revenue. Being highly relevant and well-timed, these push notifications have a sky-high response rate and boost customer engagement.

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