Pop-up banners fit the style of your app and website perfectly. They help to promote special offers, introduce and showcase new features, onboard users, deliver subscription requests, collect app reviews, conduct surveys, and more. Make them behavior-based and your conversions will skyrocket! 🚀

Mobile and web pop-ups are a must-have for app and site owners that want to improve user experience. Such banners appear on a user's screen while they are using your app, or browsing your website (the latter are often called web popups).

These messages don't go unnoticed and they don't require prior user consent - opting in. Delivery based on user behavior in the app ensures that the banners are always relevant and engaging.

Here's how you can use them:

  • Onboard new users

Let's imagine a new user has just installed your app. It's a good time to show them around and explain the basics of your app during their first journey. This will help them avoid confusion and get the best first impression! You can easily do it with the help of colorful and relevant in-apps that pop up as soon as a user opens a certain page. Navigate them inside the app towards making their first in-app purchase and boost other types of conversions.

  • Get more subscribers

Pop-ups are essential for increasing your marketing reach. You cannot just start sending your users emails and push notifications - they must subscribe to your messages first. Pop-ups don't require that. This is why they present a great opportunity to tell your customers about the benefits of receiving your other messages. This way, they will be much more eager to subscribe and hear more from you.

  • Drive app installs

Using web pop-ups is a great way to encourage users to install your mobile app. Use a website banner to tell them that your app is much easier to use, because it's fast, neat, and optimized for their device. Guide them straight to the app store and get more app users.

  • Improve app ratings in stores

When making a decision about downloading an app, 90% of users take into account its rating. Rate My App is an effective app store optimization tool allowing you to get the highest ratings from your happiest users without causing any frustration. By asking users to leave feedback at their most satisfying moments, you can get a higher position in charts and more downloads! In-app pop-ups are a great way to do that.

  • Promote special offers

Let's imagine a user of your online store app has just opened the "summer essentials" category. Let them know about the discounts they can use right now with the help of an in-app, which will draw their attention and send them to the right page inside your app, increasing the chance of a new purchase.

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Preview: In-App Messaging Ebook
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Out-of-the-box pop-ups

Pushwoosh allows using pop-up banners without any coding! Integrate our out-of-the-box solutions into your marketing campaigns with one click.

Just pick one of the pre-made banners on the corresponding tab in the Pushwoosh Control Panel. You don’t even have to set up targeting and scheduling rules, just save the In-App and that’s it! However, personalization and segmentation always give the best results, so we recommend implementing that as well.

Let us show you how customizable popups can help you grow your business — book a personal product tour:

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