From the moment of their appearance, push notifications have made a huge leap forward. Since Apple Push Notification Service was introduced, technologies evolved dramatically and browser push notifications came to the market, pioneered by Safari. Trying not to drop behind Google provided push notifications to Chrome via special extension using Google Cloud Messaging technology. On April 15th, 2015 Google released browser push notifications. From that very moment we obtained the possibility to send pushes to Chrome without any additional plugins and web applications.

Our team has been supporting Chrome Extension for push notifications since 2013, as being cross-platform is our golden rule. But the times are changing, and we have to give up outdated technologies in favor of new ones. Since it is way less complicated and more productive to send pushes directly to your website subscribers without extensions and web apps, we’ve made a decision to deprecate Chrome Extensions support.

We want to assure you that we continue to support existing Chrome Extension instances without any changes! However, we might recommend users, who work with Chrome Extension to switch to Chrome Web Pushes to broaden their reach and to keep users engaged with their website.