The carsharing company re-engages inactive users, runs promotions and delivers service updates.

BelkaCar is one of the largest carsharing companies in its region, with a fleet of over 5,000 cars and more than 2.5 million customers.

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  • Re-engaging inactive users and making them paying customers again;
  • Delivering service messages (information about service changes and other important news);
  • Running effective promotions (notifying about discounts, special offers).


Promotions & Service Messages

With the help of in-app messages, BelkaCar notifies customers about service updates and runs promotions by delivering discounts and special offers to its users:

Important Notifications

All important information that drivers need to know is delivered via in-apps, as these pop-up style messages are impossible to ignore while you're using the app:

Some information is delivered to a user as soon as they perform a certain action in the app (for example, add a new geozone). Such user actions are called Events, and they allow launching behavior-based messaging - it's always highly relevant and personalized.

User Retention (managing churn)

BelkaCar creates segments on inactive users with the help of filters (there are 3 segments: inactive for 1 month/3 months/6 months), and each of them receives a different notification. The content of a push notification depends on the period of inactivity, but each message contains a reminder to start using the app again.

Such messages are a great way to remind users about your service.

As a result, BelkaCar achieves sky-high Click-Through-Rates: retention push notifications on average have 17%-20%!

BelkaCar has over 2.4 million push notifications subscribers + over 700,000 Monthly Active Users, and the numbers keep growing steadily.

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