100 Billion Mark

Today is the absolutely special day in Pushwoosh history! We are celebrating 100,000,000,000 pushes sent in our Public Cloud. That’s the real milestone of high importance, so let’s give it some thought.

100 billion mark. This value seemed a far away star two years ago when we passed the 10 billion checkpoint. Today we deliver 10 billion per month, and counting. Yes, the sky’s the limit!

Just imagine, there are seven billion people on Earth, and it means more than 10 messages were sent to everyone on the planet. If a push pops up near by, there’s a good chance we manage it.

That’s massive, but we’ll double this number way before the end of the year! Not only we see increase in user numbers, people who discover this relatively new technology, but our long-term adopters develop new platforms, embracing mobile, web, desktop pushes, all in one place. Looking back at this day years later we will remember the beginning of a New Era in digital world. Gather ‘round, kids, and tell me – do you remember the time when push messaging became supreme?

Here at Pushwoosh we always say that you should always go the extra mile. What’s the point to start something if not to become the best? Commit to provide better service, faster support, lighter SDK, easier integration, more comprehensive guides and faster performance. And, most importantly, deliver the real value behind all these technicalities.

Our predictions are mind-blowing, all thanks to you. It won’t be an overstatement to say that your assistance is a key factor. Your feedback keeps up in shape and gets us going. Now, yet another exam on sustainable growth has been passed, and nothing seems impossible. We warmly invite you to join the party and reach the greater goals together! Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection together, we can catch excellence.

The best is yet to come! 1 trillion awaits!